We develop Windows applications. NET technology. In particular, we deal with Data Warehouse and various utilities.
The design of Windows is done with the new technological tools provided by Microsoft, resulting in product performance and stability of systems.

We develop applications using standard tools like XCode for Mac OSX. The development environment allows you to explore the best of existing technology, for applications with a strong visual impact and stability.
Every customer wants a nice and stable software: Mac OSX this is possible. The Apple platform is technologically very advanced and allows you to write software clean and functional. Not to mention the graphics are an integral part of the platform, the cutting edge.

Every customer wants to have a great site, but few are then found by search engines ... We are specialized in this, but especially attractive sites near the top.
What good is having a great website if no one finds you then? Each search engine has strict protocols for indexing and discards each site was wrong, regardless of its beauty. So we act on this: we do a very good site but especially so that we do not meet the specifications of the search engines.

Applications development on IOS (iPhone and iPad). The Apple platform allows you to design software in all major fields of application.
Our developers have years of experience in the ICT world, and know how to follow the client until completion of the project